Newsletter for May 23

May 23, 2013 pengun News

Hi all,
Sam has lovingly passed on the newsletters to me so I’ll be writing them
from now on. Here’s what’s happening at the PGC in the next few weeks.

– Lunch on Sunday May 26th will be Hot Italian Beef Sandwiches! If you
feel like bringing something to contribute, feel free! We’re always looking
for variety in our meals. Also, the PGC is asking you to consider donating
paper plates, plastic cups, tupperware, etc. to our kitchen. It will help
us keep the cost of meals down and send leftovers home with you! You want
this!!! :)

-I placed a shirt order last week and they will be in shortly. We’re
starting to sell a bunch of them so let me know if you’d like to order any.

-The annual Clean Up Day is scheduled for June 1. We’d love to see all
your smiling faces joining us in the hard work. Food will be provided to
those who show up and work. (No showing up, eating, and leaving!) We’ll be
doing yard work, cleaning, and general maintenance. We’re starting at 9am
so come prepared to work.

-We’re experimenting with various types of in house raffles on
Wednesdays. Better stop in and check it out.

-We ran the Tactical Course on Sunday. Sam’s time won… well not really.
(had to throw that in there since he always bragged about “leading the
pistol league”). Come out around 11am if you’d like to run the course or
watch how it’s done. Any questions? Ask Stimers

-If anyone feels the uncontrollable urge to mow lawns…we’ve got just
the thing for you. Our lawns are growing like crazy and we’re trying to
keep up. If you feel like getting outside, talk to Sam about doing some

That’s all for now. Hopefully this is almost as amusing as Sam’s. I’ll try
my best.


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